SHADES - All Sizes & All Types

One Of The Biggest & Best In Antique Lighting In The Area
May we help you restore your home or business with antique lamps and chandeliers?
Bring color samples, material, wallpaper, or we will work with your decorator.

100's Of Antique Lamps, Chandeliers, Lampshades,
Chimneys & Replacement Parts. Wiring

Glass Lampshades Hand Painted & Signed
Lampshades:  Student, Aladdin Styles, Astral, Ball Shades, Petticoat Shades, Hurricane Shades, Angle Shades & Elbows, Miniature Shades, Dome and Slant Shades,
also Fixture Shades.

Custom Shades: Cloth - (Country, checks, plaids, stencils), Parchment: Plain, Floral, Maps, Currier & Ives Scenes, Indians, Hunt Scenes, Dogs, Birds, Fruit).  Silk hand sewn shades - many Victorian Shades with fringe or without fringe  -
To fit -
Over Chimneys
On Bridge Lamps
Pierced Tin Chandeliers
Revere Type Lanterns (Electric)
Iron Hanging Lamps & Wall Bracket Lamps

Adapters - Burners For Kerosene Lamps - Oil & Electric with choice of cord, (gold, silver, brown or white), with or without bottom light or Oil Burners. Adapters for many uses including: Jugs, Candlesticks, Fruit Jars (either oil or electric in 3 choices - old zinc lid, new zinc lid or brass plated lid).

Aladdin Parts - Burners, Shade Holders, Shades, Mantles, Wicks, Oil Filler Caps, Chimneys, Bug Screens

Bracket Lamp Parts: Iron Wall Hinges in 3 types, Iron Brackets, fonts, burners, shade holders, shades, chimneys, reflectors - both mercury and tin, petticoat shades

Candle Covers - For Floor Lamps, Chandeliers, Candlestick Lamps

Canopies - Brass, Tin


Chimneys - All Types & sizes including Aladdin & Miniature, Clear & Frosted, Some colored glass, Cranberry Type Opalescent Swirl, White Opalescent Swirl and Red glass

Collars & Connectors

Finials - Brass, Crystal, Austrian Crystal, Many Styles of Other Finials


Lamp Bases

Reflectors - Mercury, Tin

SHADES -    All Sizes and All Types
Shade Holders - Tripods, Rims, Ball Shade Holders both Plain & Fenced, Harps, Fixture Shade Holders and Others

Smoke Bells



Lamps: Gone-with-the-Wind, Banquet Lamps, Astral, Composite, Aladdin, Rayo, Glass Kerosene and many other Table Lamps, Wall Lamps, Floor Lamps, Sconces, Miniature and Finger Lamps

Chandeliers & Hanging Lamps: Many Antique Cranberry Hall Lights,

14" Shade Cranberry Fancy Brass Store Hanging Fixture,

14" Red Bohemian Shade and Font Hanging Light, 14" Brass Hanging Light,

14" Rose Shade with Fancy Brass Guard over shade Hanging Light

Many Other Hanging Lamps & Chandeliers - All Have Been Restored, Polished & Lacquered with new wiring.

Feel Free to Bring Your Lamps In For:



New Shades

Shade Holders




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